Meet Tosha

datosha mayo

creator of bodybytosha 30 day detox challenge

Passionate. Smart. Faith-filled. Successful. Fit and Fabulous – all words that describe Datosha Mayo.  But “Coach” is the name that defines her role and purpose.  A healthy lifestyle is NOT a game for her.  It’s serious business!  Just as serious as the fatal diseases, emotional wreckage and expensive medications that are the results of an unhealthy lifestyle.  Tosha has declared war on obesity and has positioned herself on the frontlines.  Her weapon of choice?  A God-inspired plan of annihilation called BodyByTosha 30 Day Detox Challenge.  Her favorite slogan No Challenge No Change sets the tone for program’s mission and goal.  It is a Challenge and if you stay true to the directions, you will Change.  Tosha has coached hundreds of people on personal transformational journeys, renewing their minds and successfully setting them on the path to a better version of themselves.  On this 30-day journey participants have accomplished more than just weight loss. There’s a complete mind renewal which translates into other areas of life – increased energy, maximizing productivity, healing from fatal diseases are just some of the testimonies.  All this based on a decision to take one month…just 30 days….to identify and control triggers, reset their palettes, and improve their quality of life.


Simply put, it’s the point of no return.


Tosha not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.  Her own journey with taking control of her life, losing over 100 pounds – and keeping it off – has shaped the woman that she is today.  It fueled her passion to see others achieve similar results and opened her spirit to download the game plan which she now shares with the world!  She’s not just the creator of the BodyByTosha 30 Day Detox Challenge.  She is also its first participant.  Her decision to change her lifestyle and not settle for a “quick fix” unmasked & unveiled hidden talents, launched a brand new career and placed her on the frontlines of the battle against the bulge.




Tosha is a woman of God, a mother of two amazing young men – Eric and DaMarjay – an avid fitness enthusiast, and a personal trainer.




mayo-120053Empowerment Coaching
and Consultation

Datosha is a dynamic and passionate motivational speaker who delivers empowerment coaching and consultations in a variety of formats. Topics may include: Mindset Mastery, Forced Focus, Bossing Your Body and Riding internal weight.



Motivational Speaking

Are you ready to motivate and empower your audience? Contact Datosha about speaking at your next event!


Group Empowerment Sessions

Conducted via video and teleconference, Datosha delivers a powerful 4-part interactive series designed to facilitate breakthroughs.


One-on-One Coaching

Datosha offers single, 45 minute sessions for when you need help with a specific problem. These sessions are for when:

  • You have a decision to make quickly, and you can’t figure out what to do.
  • You’re having a hard time and need someone to hear you — empathetically and fully.
  • You feel stuck and could use some help getting out of your rut.