Tosha’s Talk

Feature of the Month: December

Date: December 13th, 2014

Jessica Ross

I have always been a” thick”, girl….It’s just in my genes. I would often joke about coming out of the womb 115lbs, with a 36-24-36 shape. While funny, it was my way of hiding how I truly felt. I developed a self image issue at an early age. The earliest I could remember being concerned about my weight is 12 years old, when I began my quest for the perfect weight through yo-yo dieting. I have tried EVERY diet, pill, cleanse, tea, body wrap, and shake you can imagine; all to lose some weight, and then end up in an even worst position than I started.

For 14 years I battled with the scale, and it seemed like in the end the scale was victorious every time. At the age of 26 I was 200lbs, pre-diabetic, had chronic knee pain, and was told by doctors that I needed to lose weight, but it would be difficult to do so because I had a hormone imbalance… “HUH?!” “So, did that mean there was no hope for me?”

It was not until the passing of my father that I got my epiphany. See, I am a daddy’s girl, and to watch him fight to stay alive during his final days planted a seed of reliance in my life…. and I didn’t even know it. But, in October of 2013 (3 months after my fathers’ passing), something inside of me spoke and said “enough was enough!” At that moment I decided to take my life back.

So, I changed my “diet,” and teamed up with my father-in who spins at our local YMCA. I even started a new fat burning pill that was supposed to be “natural,” and by December 2014 I was down 9lbs! “Woo Hoo” I thought to myself, “by January I will be down another 9 lbs.” But little did I know, I would meet a humble soul (who happened to be a GLADIATOR) by the name of Tosha.

Tosha attended the same spin class, and I always noticed her because of her fly workout clothes. One day, I noticed her neon lime green bubble vest (which matched her shoes and headband of course), and on the back it said “No Challenge, No Change.” “Hmmmm,” I said. “I wonder if she is a trainer.” So, after class I stalked her down, and found her in the day care room at the gym. She politely came over to me, and that is where my story begins.

I completed both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the 30 day detox, and have lost a total of 45 lbs. Today, I am maintaining a weight of 150 lbs, no longer pre-diabetic, no hormone imbalance, and blew my doctor’s mind when I stepped on the scale in March 2014. While all of those accomplishments are great, the most significant one would be my renewed mind. I am no longer that insecure little girl, but a woman confident in herself, and the person God called her to be. Thanks Tosha and the BBT team!